Wish: enhanced layer switching control


I miss an option to define, that the layer visibility is switched

(a) at the frame of the current tick or

(b) after the frame of the current tick

Both features are needed. For example I have a movement from 1 to 10 and than I want get a layer switch A/B is something other than I need a layer switch A/B at 10 for a movement from 10 to 20. In the first case I need layer A on at tick 10 and in the second case I need Layer A off at tick 10. The user needs to define that a sequence is finished or a new is started at the current tick.

Does this make sense or do I just have a knot in my head? :wink:



Something like this?
LayerSwitch.3dm (227.9 KB)


Hi Luc,

thank you for your quick response. Unfortunately the video doesn’t run here. I checked the 3dm file, but can not see what I want. I need an animation where if tick 10 is rendered, the layer stays still on for only this moment and is off for tick 10 + 1 frame. So, the cube should still visible at tick 10, but will be invisible if the slider goes one frame further.

An other example: a wheel, which turns from 0° to 360°, from tick 0 to 10, and than it is invisible by a layer switch at tick 10. At the moment the wheel doesn’t reach 360° without to be invisible. The frames are calculated, the wheel turns … until ~359° and at tick 10 it will be invisible, but I have no frame where it is 360°. I could set the layer switch at tick 11, but than I have all the unwanted frames between 10 and 11.

Now I see.
Indeed, it seems that the developers arranged it so that invisibility is treated first, visibility second. Or is it coincidence?
Working with a frame-per-tick ratio could avoid unwanted frames in-between 10 and 11, couldn’t it? But then of course the starting frame of the 2nd object is left out.
LayerSwitch 001.3dm (228.3 KB)
I guess basically there’s always one of the objects that will have a frame missing.

PS The video does runs here (I use AVG Secure Browser) - indeed in Chrome or Microsoft Edge it doesn’t. Beats me!

I think a switch is an event where two states occur in one moment. Both states are potentially interesting for the user and the user should be allowed to choose which one he needs. Should be easy to programme, shouldn’t it? It sounds like a small wish, but it’s making my life difficult right now.

I have a process that should run from 0 to 10. Then later in the video edit I want to show the state for a while and fade to the next, new state. I am missing the last frame of the process. I will probably only be able to switch to the new state in tick 11 and have to remove the 30 frames between 10 and 11.

Could you add the wish for a custom layer switch status to the wish list?

PS: AVG Secure Browser works here too, but not Opera.