Wish - embed text fonts in a Rhino file


…as you can with a PDF for example. This would make sending files with text elements to other people much more reliable, IMO.

Thx, --Mitch

(Brian James) #2

Interesting idea Mitch. I filed it as RH-22412 (not publicly visible at this time). As I understand it, the fonts are referenced from the OS installation now, but we’ll review this to see if it’s possible. I’m wondering if there might be rights issues if the font is not public domain… maybe not.


If Adobe can do it… :smile:
Anyway, I don’t think you can actually extract the font definition from the PDF…


(Willem Derks) #4

Challenge accepted:

Google search, first hit: http://www.extractpdf.com/
However a test showed it can only extract the font characters used.



Well, yeah, I guess I should have figured that, you can crack/unlock pretty much anything these days… :frowning: