Wish: Elliptical Fillets

I have seen several wishes for elliptical fillets and think they would be handy both for curves and for surfaces. Input would be required for leg lengths and perhaps corner “softness/hardness” or "weight’.

I suppose, for simple cases, this can be done by starting with a default fillet.

  • remove the fillet surface
  • offset the surface edge curve on one of the filleted surfaces
  • trim away the part that is between offset curve and the surface edge
  • use BlendCrv/BlendSrf to create an elliptic or ellipse-like fillet

Bonus: G2 or higher continuity on the elliptic fillet.

That is essentially what I do now. It is tedious and time consuming on some of the more complex projects I work on. It seems to me that this could be a command rather than a series of steps, for both surfaces and curves.

has elliptical filletEdge been added to V8 ?

I cannot get my head around that multi stage fix for not having such,
as opposed to selecting FilletEdge, opting for eliptical, entering the maj and min axes and moving on, after a click.

Its all about what can be done quick, being done quick,

else every corner we turn we meet an obstacle course, and any chances of getting to bed at 2am are gone.

What do other CAD progs do for FilletEdge elliptical section ?