Wish, EdgeSrf with SubD output

Hi guys,

Would it be possible to add Sub-D output to the EdgeSrf command? The EdgeSrf command respects curve structure input. This could be a way to create really clean Sub-D starting surfaces before control point manipulation/bridging/welding, etc.

You can layout really clean single-span degree 3 or 5 curves, rebuild the curves to degree three with desired segmentation and use EdgeSrf with Sub-D output to create a very clean starting surface.

It’s actually already possible to do this, it just requires several steps.

-Layout design curves as desired
-Rebuild to degree three with desired segmentation
-Run EdgeSrf command
-Run ToSubD command

Having this as part of the toolset would make it more discoverable.

Hi Mark - would you expect the Rebuild part to be included in the SubD output from any inputs? It looks to me like you’d need either a significant extra UI to get any useful control, or have the user do the rebuilding ahead of time. In which case what does SubD ouput do if the curves are not already compatible?


Hi Pascal, no not really, I believe EdgeSrf should just respect the input curves. If you build clean curves and use EdgeSrf it would be nice to have output to SubD as an option (I believe all surfacing tools should have an output to SubD as an option by the way). This should be fairly straightforward. Depending on how my SubD workflow develops I may just script this.

Hi Mark - still, how do you get this bit?

Just poking Output=SubD leaves that out - see how it works on Loft?

To get decent SubD output from a degree 5 curve, you need to hit rebuild in the dialog. Not impossible to add some UI to EdgeSrf, is my guess but it would require rebuild input for each direction in order to be useful.

Am I just not getting what you’re asking?


@pascal I may not have worded that clearly. You would have to rebuild the degree 5 curves to degree three before converting. This can still be quite useful.

Say you layout some primary curves in degree 5 that you are really happy with. if you convert that to a degree 3 with 6 controlpoints you still get a good starting curve. Not as smooth as the degree 5 curve but not bad.

I guess all I’m asking is that if you have a set of degree 3 curves you get a degree 3 SubD surface with the same controlpoint count.

Hi Mark - ok, so we ‘just do it’ if you ask for SubD output, and if you’ve given it nice curves, you win, otherwise you get what you get, correct?


Exactly, same as with regular surface command. If you give it all degree 3/4 point curves you get a degree 3/4 point surface. If you have a bunch of mismatched curves you get what you get.