Wish: Divide command include flip


would be helpful if the divide command would include a flip, and an indicator showing the direction of the curve.
Especially when picking surface/polysurface edges which cannot be flipped without extracting :wink:


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Hi Daniel - if you divide a curve by length, the option to flip is there. By number, it does not matter. The hard part is still the surface edge because the flip shows you the surface direction, which is not too helpful . What is needed is a preview, it seems to me. Does that make sense with what you’re seeing?


Hi Pascal,

yes, thanks, that is excactly what I meant.
would be great if the direction display is active for the curve to be divided by length.


Hi Daniel - sorry - just to be sure I get it since your original request is for ‘flip’. - ‘Flip’ is there if you divide by length and the direction is shown - am I correct that the one thing to change is in the case of surface edges, then the direction is shown for the surface and not the edge curve? I also think it would make sense to have a preview of the points but that is a separate thing…Are we on the same page?