WISH : Display of Vector 2Pt

OK Math sticklers, I get it : a vector is not an arrow at a specific location in space.
But I think it would be useful to display vectors defined by 2 points (Vec2Pt) without having to resort to the vector display component.

In this particular case, the origin of the vector is explicit, so it seems to be a no-brainer.
This feature would really streamline work on intricate geometries.


Not a bad idea, but if you’re dealing with hundreds of vectors it can still become an indecipherable mess.

That is the case with any GH geometry that is displayed in the Rhino viewport, and that’s what the “Preview” toggle is for, right ?

This reminds me of another wish for optimization : I noticed that if you have a lot of preview geometry, the definition will lag, even if you toggle “Preview” off for each components (albeit less of course).
Yet, if you toggle “Don’t draw any preview geometry”, the definition becomes much more responsive.

It looks like a bug or lack of good memory management. @DavidRutten ?

If you’re trying to settle any ambiguity in which way a vector is pointing, a red chaos isn’t going to tell you much, whether you toggle it on or off. Maybe double clicking the Vec2pt component can give you the option to see the vector. While we’re at it, curve and surface directions are also things that it would be nice to see at the outset.

Well, a red chaos of curves, or surfaces, or…anything won’t help either.
That’s what the “Preview” toggle is for, right ?

I don’t agree that directions should be displayed along with curves and surfaces, (I “draw the line at vectors”, ha, ha) but there should be display components for curve and surface direction indeed.

Well. toggling’s an additional step, so I guess it all depends on your workflow as to whether something is time-saving or onerous…

As a rule, I toggle the preview of almost everything off, even components which don’t contain geometry.
That way, it’s easy from a bird’s eye view on your canvas to spot what components are responsible for what you are actually seeing.
By the way, I find It is a shame that selecting a hidden component doesn’t force it to display except in “Only draw preview geometry for selected objects” mode : I generally want to keep the set of preview objects I’ve chosen to display visible, and quickly toggle on visibility for a small selection of components.

Agreed. I tend to use Line, used as a Vector, just to get my preview without any hassle. Like so (sometimes adding the Vector component for clarity, often leaving it out though):

// Rolf

I do that sometimes too, but it lacks the visual clue about the vector’s direction…

I think it should be an UI option as the point style, plane size or display gumballs.