Wish - Display/Hide EdgeContinuity "dots"

I’m so happy about EdgeContinuity in V7 - seriously a much needed tool! Thank you McNeel! I’m wondering if there’s any way to toggle the visibility of the “dots” though? On complex models, it can get pretty time consuming to add all the edges, so it’s a shame to have to do it over and over. Since the tool can be docked - is there any way we could get the ability to toggle the visibility on and off? That would reduce the amount of time feeding edges back in - I get that some commands (likely split edge) would blow out some of those definitions, but that’s better than having to redo everything. I’m thinking something like a layer “light bulb” at the top of the window, which by default when you launch the command is on, but can be turned off if so desired, without losing the defined edge pairs.

I think that’s the simple request? The “one level up” request would be for some sort of EdgeContinuity Manager, whereby you could create custom named groups of EdgeContinuity labels and toggle them on and off at will.