Wish: disable clipping plane for viewport use, but keep it for rendering


it could be great, if there would be an option to disable the clipping plane for the viewport display only, but keep it available for rendering. Maybe an additional drop menu could allow to choose a display mode for the clipped geometry. So, the user could see the geometry like he want and the render engine could clip it like setup per render options.


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I was thinking the same thing recently.

Another useful feature would be to be able to invert the direction of the clipping plane. Currently, this must be done with “Rotate 2-D”, “Rotate 3-D” or “Orient objects: 3 points” and it takes time and more mouse clicks to do so. Some of these commands also require additional changing of the camera view to be able to properly snap to the clipping plane’s edges. Also, when the clipping plane is active, some of its end points can’t be snapped and this forces the user to use “Disable clipping plane”, then rotate/orient it.
Since the “Add Clipping plane” icon command is assigned to the LMB, the RMB command of the same icon could be something like “Invert direction of the clipping plane”.

you can use Flip command…

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And there is of course the Flip Direction button in the clipping plane properties panel.

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Thanks, that’s great. I just tried it and works as you described.

Do you intend to add a tiny circle at the tip of the clipping plane (like the circles for object extrusion on the Gumball handle) in a future update that will make it possible to invert its direction with a single mouse click, even without the need to select the clipping plane?
Currently, it requires at least 3-5 mouse clicks for selecting it, opening the Properties window, going to the Clipping plane tab and clicking on “Flip direction”, then closing the Properties window again.
With the "“Flip direction” command, it requires 3 mouse clicks (RMB on the “Analyze direction” button, then picking the clipping plane with the LMB, then clicking again with the RMB or pressing the Enter key to confirm).



The original wish is now logged as https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-50130, the widget to flip request is logged as https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-50129.

Note that for flipping you just have to type _Flip, nothing else. You can make a toolbar button out of the flip command so it is just a single click…


Thanks! The circle for extrusion on the Gumball was a great idea and I use it all the time. Can’t wait to see it happening on the clipping plane, too.