Wish: Dim-Text color

If printing a drawing with dimensions colored for clarity on an otherwise black line drawing, there are times when the dimension text would look better in black, particularly with leaders.

Probably look better on the screen too, if there is an option to change dim-text colors to match other text colors, that is assuming dims are generally a different color to text.

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Hi Brian - ‘Match’ in Properties should work here.


Hi Pascal, thanks, here is an illustration of what I was trying to describe - the ability to change the text color to black, by-object and leave the lines colored by-layer, in this case.
I think it would make the printed drawing easier to follow and look better, especially if the drawing is heavy with dimensions.

Ah, ok, I understood matching dim objects to text objects. I’ll add it to the heap.



thanks Pascal! (I think we would be mesmerized by the height of the growing heap)