Wish: detail size option for untrim all


often I need to simplify complex production models for visualization use. The command _untrim AllSimilar=Yes is a great helper. A little enhancement could make the command more powerful. Could be added a detail size limit for untrimming?

Here an example - I like to keep the large opening in the panel, but get the small holes closed.


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Hi Micha - I can imagine this would be handy - and possibly difficult in the general case but maybe more tractable for planar surfaces - @rajaa - what do you think?


If the planar surfaces could be part of a polysurface, than it would do the job in 99%. So, engineering models could be fast clean up.

I think it is doable. Do you see it as a new command where the user can specify max length of the loop they wish to close or delete?

Hi Rajaa - I can imagine area and length might both be useful criteria, but say length for now, and part of UntrimHoles would seem reasonable… to me. Maybe an option: MaxLength=XXX and Zero would be the default, and mean no limit… does that seem OK?


Yes, this sounds reasonable. @pascal please log it.

Thanks, Rajaa - added here


With a couple of ‘enhancements’ =)


Thank you for adding it to the list. :slight_smile:

While you are changing that command, wouldn’t it make sense to allow a user to just pick those holes that should be left in place? Command line option ExceptionList or so.

The size option could be a faster to use solution if the model is complex.

Yes. I didn’t think that ExceptionList would replace MaximumEdgeLength but rather complement it.


RH-38568 is fixed in the latest WIP

I’m impressed by the progress. :slight_smile:

(I need to wait for to install the latest WIP until VfR3 is ready. I would break the current release. I’m very curious.)

Thank you,

Hi Rajaa,

today I used the new feature the first time. Makes fun to use it, the workflow got a boost. :slight_smile:

A little wish - if the command is active, could it be possible to type in the detail size without to click on the maxedgelength option before? So like it can be done at the running _filletedge?


I see, so you’d like to be able to key in a number, and that would update the MaxLength value. Yes, we can do that.

:slight_smile: Thank you.

RH-39089 is fixed. You should see it in the next WIP

Thank you for your effort. :slight_smile:

RH-39089 is fixed in the latest WIP