Wish, delete plugin properly via Rhino interface

All is in title

What problem would this solve for you?
I’m sure you know you can disable them.
How they were installed is up to the developer and there are several different ways.
This makes it complicated to know exactly what to do to “delete it properly”.


The origin of my request comes from the fact that some plugin causes errors after an update.

This is rarely useful for a user. I agree.

I do not really understand why Rhino is so complicated.
With Grasshopper, simply delete the files in a folder, and voila! the plugin is uninstall.
No information to unsubscribe from the Windows registry. (It is not the developer of the plugin that imposes it.)
If the plugin needs to be installed elsewhere, a simple .ghlink file.

There can be a compromise between developer freedom and ease of use.

Thank you.

Grasshopper has a limited way for add-in components. David designed it that way.
Rhino’s multiple processes developed over many years and as a result, there are several ways.

Generally, if the plug-in was installed using a Windows installer MSI or EXE package, you can uninstall it using the tool in Windows Control Panel. Vray is an example of this. If you use a tool like CCleaner, you will break that process. Do Not use these sorts of tools.

If the plug-in was installed using a Rhino installer engine RHI package, then here are instructions for that:

If you don’t remember how the plug-in was installed, you must contact the developer for specific instructions.

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