Wish: define own shutlining profiles


it could be great to define own profiles or get more profile types. For example I miss to create a complete rounded gap.

General it would be great if the shutlining tool could be improved for a better quality. It could be a powerful tool, if the quality would be be better.


Hi Micha - this is probably a lot more complicated than Shutlining would allow - the ‘profile’ of a shutline is dictated by which edges are welded, the actual 3d profile is always a simple V-shaped cut:



Hi Pascal,

I understand the profiles better now and I hope my wish match this V-shape - couldn’t a profile added which weld all edges of the V? I hope this profile version is only overseen yet and can be easy added.

Best -

Hi Micha - I tried welding a shutline mesh and it does not look right - at least, it does not look like ‘soft-soft-soft’ edges - the middle one does not read as soft, here…


I checked it here too now and I see … Maybe the groove needs an other shape than V, maybe |_| would work. Could @andy help?

Hi Mitcha -

We have that request on the list as RH-34171 - I’ve added this thread to it.

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