Wish: dedicated button for selecting top-level material

When you are in-place editing child textures, you can use the back button, or the breadcrumbs, to get back to the top-level parent. But if you are editing children of children, you have to click the back button multiple times, and probably the breadcrumbs too, depending on the width of your editor, and on the length of the names of your materials/textures.

And you cannot jump directly there using the material list (unless you are using tree-view), since the material you want to select is already the selected item.

So like a browser has a home button, in addition to back & forward, I’d suggest the addition of a similar third button here, whether it makes most sense to have it be an “up” or “home” button, or whatever else:


Hi JD - click on the little preview at the left end of the material to get back to the top.



Ah thanks Pascal, apparently I clicked everywhere but there.