Wish: Crv2View Loose

Unless anyone can think of a better shortcut - I think it could be nice to have a loose version of this tool

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I don’t know if there is an obvious mechanism for loose in this context as there is for Offset. Do the inputs have the same structure?


see crv2ViewLoose.py here:

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In cases where I would ‘desire’ it, I would be picking the curve whose control structure I would want to follow.

I see Gijs has a script, above - that might be the thing. A cheap way to do this would be to use the standard Crv2View and then turn on edit points for the curve you like and Flow the edit points from the curve itself to the Crv2View result.

FWIW, here is a py that may do what you what you need - it takes the edit point approach, so the curves do not need to have the same structure. Pick the curve you like as the first one, the result will match it’s structure. I’m sure there are cases where it needs help - closed curves do not work right, and are not, as of this first cut, filtered out either. It tries to have non-planar curves but is not really doing that right either yet…

Crv2ViewLoose.py (1.6 KB)

To use the Python script use RunPythonScript, or a macro:

_-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes"


Hi pascal

I wanted to have the loose option also for crv2view,
I gave up working with this command, because of being with a lot of excessive points on the curve generated after the operation.

cool, i didn’t know there is a script that can do the job.

Exactly. A rebuild with would be nice IMO, as in for cross sections in the sweeps, more than anything for History down the line to clean objects up.

However I appreciate it’s probbaly not in anyones interest to complicate a simple command in terms of interaction.


This is how you fix any command without a proper loose option. I adopted a layer managemet style to work with this kind of stuff.


Control is the input to Crv2View.
Junk is the output from Crv2View and input to Rebuild with keep input.
Crvs is the output from Rebuild.

Yeah I totally agree there with that strategy. I do start getting bogged down after a while when it gets to the point of layer-per-object almost.

The junk/bin/trash style is definitely valid though. Just for that stuff that maybe serves a purpose but doesn’t need to be in the way.

What is this bogged down you speak of?


You make a good point!

My work is often a bit less rigid than that I guess! But it’s good to see a new way! Thanks Eric!

I said that with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

After a complicated model, I have 100s of layers which can be just as big of a problem. As I push the limits of history, I end up with more and more geometry that has to be in the file but is never needed or touched again.

I wish Rebuild and Joincopy were integrated into commands instead of being standalone.

What’s JoinCopy?

Yeah whilst I used to get hung up on hoping I would make a model that was perfect and linear in it’s steps, and the layers, it’s just never the reality. However, I would rather have that total flexibility than not I guess.

Sorry, my brain was not firing earlier. I don’t use Crv2View because there’s no loose option. I haven’t asked for it before because I don’t need it.

! _Project _Loose=_Yes DeleteInput=No

Just extrude one of the views and project on to it. It also works well with pull:

It’s an undocumented command that came from this feature request for doing patterns with symmetry.