WISH: crv filter as Trim Options

I found myself using a lot the CRV filter for complex Trim.
(Typing crv enter before selecting the srf edges)
My Wish is to have it as a regular options and have the ChainEdges options As well.

As Example:
You click Trim, than in the command you can press UseCurve = Yes and the Chainedges option is available and pressing it you can Chain the selections.

I hope to have been able to explain it clearly.

No one on this?!?!?
PLS… :smiley:

You can create a button or alias with the macro “Trim crv”. I use that a lot.

You can also add “Selchain” to the end of that macro, but I have never really been able to get selchain to work well or efficiently enough to make it worthwhile so I just individually pick the edges that are used for trimming.

you’re right but I can’t tell to do this to my 100 students.
if it will become a standard option would be easier to teach