WISH: CPlane Indicator

Hi there,

I often find myself cycling through CPlane options when trying to do a certain movement etc, and to figure out which one I am on I have to go find my grid, which I generally have small as I find it distracting.

I think a small indicator next to the world axes could be very helpful. See image for suggestion



elegant solution IMO

What if the CPlane isn’t XY, XZ or YZ but something arbitrary?

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There can potentially be a countless number of CPlanes relative to that one world axis icon. And that might be problematic.

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In the mean time, you can set the StatusBar to display the name of your CPlane:


Is the UPlane a new Rh8 feature or has this been there longer?

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Good question.
I don’t know.
It might be related to the MPlane tool that was added in V7:


Hi Mich -

From Rhinoceros Help



It must be the Universal Construction Planes (linked) tool vs the Standard Construction Planes (independent).

MPlane was added for V7 I’m pretty sure.

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I thought the Mplane was way back in v4 v5 …

I think this is v5: Rhinoceros Help

What’s the Uplane :exploding_head:

that’s a v5 link?
I need a v7 link :slightly_smiling_face:

i’m not seeing “UPlane” anywhere lol :sob:

lol I jus noticed this again:

“universal”? i don’t get it…

How do I stall the left click so I can hit F1 lol and see the help docs :sweat_smile:

:thinking: :face_with_monocle: :thought_balloon:
I remember studying this along time ago. Guess, since Rhino Cplanes are still in the stone age I’ll do a review on it again. bbl. :expressionless:

Ok I memba :grapes: now so “universal” makes all the veiwports have the same cplane or something – yeah, I don’t really need that, so never really use it that way, but good to know I guess. Unless I’m wrong.

I usually only use one viewport.

It would be great if the help docs weren’t so discrete about it :sweat_smile: