Wish: Copy/Move to a target CPlane

Hi @Rhino_Bulgaria @pascal
I use the remap cplane command but I have long ago wished and asked for this tool…

Here is the link for that request made in 2016, called transform space for Rhino
Wish Transform space - Serengeti (Rhino WIP) - McNeel Forum


Yeah, history-enabled “remap” is something that I requested originally in this topic, because I consider it a very important tool for automotive design and engineering. *Especially if Rhino could also offer some basic IK capabilities to assemble a multi-link car suspension and dual hinges.
I can see that some architects also could benefit from it, mostly on moving parts such like rotating or sliding doors and windows.

P.S. A quick example for such “IK plus remap” capabilities here. Imagine that the right side wheel is the original, whereas the left side one is the remapped copy with enabled history. Any change to the numerical values on the bottom left corner below the diagram will affect the original on the right side AND the copy on the left side which is in a random position somewhere in the space.

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Yes Pascal, the solution suggested by Tom would help a lot .

The problem is that I normally works with Rhino for Mac and would be happy to opt for that strategy, but recently, I’ve been forced to go back to Windows ( third party software constraint ) and indeed, as Bobi pointed, it’s not a reliable approach.

In fact in my case, it simply does not work the way it’s shown in the video, this is very frustrating.

At this stage I don’t get how to achieve the wanted behaviour when working with Named CPlanes.


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I confirm this observation.

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Thank you very much for the time spent on creating a video.

This is one nice approach I would love to take, unfortunately, it does not work with Rhino 7 for WIN 10 here.
As a Mac user, I am facing a strong frustration.


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uuh - that s a pity - it used to work in older Rhino-Windows-Versions.
I used it intensively for a very large (in terms of kilometers) urban engineering tunnel project.
so it is definitive a bug. it should work. it used to work.
so i agree with @Rhino_Bulgaria

but please notice:
there was always the issue, that the standard cplanes did not work. - maybe because auf the strange name including Asterix *World Tom*, to use Top/Front/Right i always did a duplicate with simple names (no space, no *, see in the video). …of course you can include them in the template.

please update / correct the youtrack. currently it says:

RemapCPlane: Tuned up command prompt
In RemapCplane the prompt to click in a view should be
“Click in a viewport with the target CPlane”
(Users click in the named CPlane list)

this is wrong - users WANT (and should be able) to click in the list of named c-planes - which makes completely sense as this discussion shows - thanks.

kind regards - tom

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I understand that, but until that works properly, the prompt is misleading.


Noted, Pascal.
Thank you for being so pragmatic, there’s a time for everything…


I agree this is an important feature that deserves more attention.

Let’s continue to remind them periodically.

> " O que tem de ser tem muita força "


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И на български език ще повторя, че този интрумент е изключително важен и се надявам да работи както трябва възможно по-скоро! :slight_smile:

… You win.