Wish: control point slab modification (and other related wishes)

Hello forum,
I’m new to VA, I like it very much and it speeds up my workflow pretty nice.
I have some issues now and then though and here I would like to talk about workflow with the slabs.

I find it rather frustrating not to be able to change the shape of the slab simply by inserting or removing control points like with normal curves. It is possible to summon up the control points of already created slabs and move them around but why not be able to delete or add them?

My workflow may be the fault for this suggestion, I don’t know if it is common, but I tend to change my structure on the fly and see if the changes are good or bad, so prospect of constantly creating curves (like polygonal lasso in PS)) to add or subtract from the slabs seems too much of a hassle. I would also like to suggest possibility for multiple selection before subtraction or addition for current workflow ass well as make it possible to boolean union slabs together (sometimes it is easier to just create a few rectangular slabs and then merge them together).

I’m sorry if I might sound too demanding, I think VA is a great addition for Rhino and wish it could become somewhat close to revit or archicad (which I find quite terrible).

Please feel free to send feedback on why this might or was not possible to implement and have a nice day.

Hi @timglobal,
Thank you for your suggestions about the slabs. Right now you need to use the vaSlabAdd and vaSlabSubtract to create holes or change the boundary of tha slab. The resulting slab will have the same control points as the curves used for these operations. And you can already delete control points on slabs, so they will update with the new boundary. It’d be useful to have the “InsertControlPoint” command available on slabs, so I take note of this suggestion.
I agree that multiple selection of slabs/curves when running these commands would speed up the workflow. A command to merge/join slabs sounds interesting too although we should study how to deal with slabs that have different thicnkesses, styles, layers, etc…
In VisualARQ 2.0 version it will be possible to add solids to any VisualARQ objects (option only available for walls right now), so you will be able to have slabs with irregular shapes.

Hey, @fsalla
Thank you for reply, I see what difficulties it can cause now, when you have loads of slabs with different thickness and layers it can be really confusing. When I was suggesting slab union I had a simple situation in my mind indeed, just one style slab union. I guess some kind of prompt can notify on merging of slabs from different styles, you know, technical stuff (with possibility of choosing preferred action, or something like that).
As for control point addition I hope this feature will prove to be useful and we will see it in the future, for now, relaxing music and some line work XD.

P.S. I’m about to report about weird staircase artefacts in top view, please don’t go too far away (if possible).
Here is a teaser:

@timglobal Please send me this model of this staircase to visualarq@asuni.com and we will take a look at this issue.

Could you elaborate on this one, please? As I try to delete the point it stays on its original place, does it work only when create a slab from a line?

Tim, you have to excuse me, the option to delete points on slabs will be available in VisualARQ 2.0.

Oh, I see, not a problem. I thought I was doing something wrong XD. Thank you for letting me know.

@timglobal This bug is fixed since VisualARQ2.

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Hi @timglobal, this feature on slabs has been just implemented in VisualARQ 2.6, which is already available to download: VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.6 released