Wish: context sensitive keyboard shortcuts

In some other 3d applications it is possible to assign keyboard shortcuts in relation to some user interface kontext, meaning the viewport/panel/toolbar where the mouse hovers.

Certain basic commands like ‘select all’, ‘select none’, ‘select invert’, ‘delete’, ‘new’, ‘cut’, ‘copy’, ‘paste’ would make sense in most panels that list something. Layer panel, Layout panel, Named Views, Layer States, Materials, etc.

In other words, it would be nice if we could just hover over e.g. the layer panel, press CTRL-A, and all layers get selected (which now is located in this menu:)

Same goes for all the other panels and the abovementioned commands. Another example: hover over the Material panel, press CTRL-N and a new material is created. So forth.

Would be another puzzle piece to streamline the UI.
Thanks for considering!

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sounds like a fun/smart way to improve workflow/speed