Wish: "Connect" to have a RMB version with smooth extensions that preserve the structure of the curves

Since Rhino 7 has a great ! _ExtendDynamic _Pause _Type=_Natural command that does not add extra control points and preserves the structure of the extended curve, why does the ! _Connect command with the “ExtendOtherCurvesBy=Smooth” option change the structure of the input curves by adding extra an control point to each of them? Is not it more natural for the ! _Connect command to use the same approach as the ! _ExtendDynamic _Pause _Type=_Natural command? :slight_smile:

Original curves:

Extend natural preserves the structure of the curves:

Trimming of the extended curves preserves their structure:

Connect with the “Smooth” option destroys the curve structure by adding an extra control point on each:


Fully agree. Would avoid lots of issues that can occur due to too many control points. Especially when the extension is short.

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Thanks, added as
RH-63393 Connect with ‘Natural’ extension


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Awesome! :slight_smile: Thanks!

Yes please! Perhaps Extrude tapered could benefit from at least some of the same logic too.

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This works now after the latest update. Thanks to the “McNeel” staff! :slight_smile:

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