WISH: commandline-Expression-Evalutation (calculator) and copy to Clipboard option

ok there is a similar old topic

the solution is _testEval command…

but as with rhino7 equations got much simpler … i would love to come back to the idea following ideas:

command-line evaluation
an intuitive approach would be, that the commandline just accepts an equations: instead of typing
_testEval 25-3
→ output 22
it would be great to just type the equation - maybe in brackets…

well you might hate me for the next sentence:
it would be great to have those “google-like” functions.
(22mm to inches)

and I would love to see a option - copy to clipboard for the _testEval command and for angle, area, volume, distance, length…

or maybe a supercool prefix CB(25-3) → 22 inside the clipboard…

thanks for having a look at those ideas (again)… kind regards



dear Inju… yes … thanks…
sorry if my post was not clear: i know about the “command-line-calculator” and i know about _calc…and about _testEval
but as i wrote … i want direct input in the command-line…
if i want to calculate 18*((360.0-121.456)/360.0) as i do some crazy stuff with gears… why should rhino not recognise this input as an evaluation …
if i typ it, i will just get an feedback “unknown command” error ;-(

kind regards and thanks for your effort to make the video / gif…-tom

I’m good at it without a mistake, :wink: