Wish Cloud-Zoo: Quick Account creation with adding a Rhino 6 license in one step


Hi @aj1,

the Cloud-Zoo seams to be a good choice for most Rhino 6 customers. I have made a little account creation tutorial for it: https://www.flexicad.com/service/forum/index.php/topic,8766.0.html

Now with the release of Rhino 6, I think 99% of the Rhino 6 customers just want to create an account with their one Rhino 6 license.

Please can you add an account creation option, to add all needed information in one(!) step/form. The current 7 steps to get a running account seam a little bit too much for some users. I get too much support requests about it.



(Andrés Jacobo) #3

@Michael_Meyer, great job on the tutorial!

@brian and I are working to make this process smoother.

Please note that although your way of entering a license into Cloud Zoo is perfectly valid, there are other ways. Most people seem to be entering their license key in Rhino as usual, and then clicking on “Add to Rhino Account”, which takes them directly to the last step in your tutorial.

I agree that it is still more steps than it needs to be, and we will put out updates soon to remedy that.