WISH: Changing Rendering Sample aftering rendering finished (Solved alt. sol. found)

Not sure if this is possible but a wish.

There are times when I render and wished I’ve added more samples to the rendering after coming to the finished render.

If in rendering output window, when rendering is done yet more sampling seems to be better, ability to set
another further round of sampling.

Not sure how to do that in Render Window, but im Raytraced mode you can click the sample count in the lower right bottom, in the HUD. It should turn into a field where you can input the new sample limit.

For the Render Window it will be difficult, especially if the end already has been reached. The render session, and the Cycles instance that did the rendering already has shut down and cleaned up at that point. Maybe a command to increase for a still running session, but not for one that has ended.

I see.
I guess I should set the rendering a lot higher and pause to check the quality then continue then. Is that possible?

In theory yes. I see rendering to the Render Window is currently broken, though :confused:

Good to know. I haven’t installed the latest yet…
Anyway setting as solved