Wish: changes in search - better descriptions, temporary disable, scroll through tabs

Many of us have several plugins installed into Grasshopper. I have a few thoughts on that manner to share.

  1. Right now, especially for the new users, search bar displaying components with the same names but from many different plugins can cause some problems. Most of us after some time get used to it, but displaying plugin’s name in the description and as an option, plugin’s icon on the side, would be nice.
    You can see that some of the plugin creators are already adding names (Karamba3D, ggIFC) and others don’t, which brings inconsistency.

Existing state:


  1. Not all the plugins are used all the time but uninstalling them, and installing again is maybe too much work, so we keep them and we see their components as results in search every day.
    I think there should be easy to access “enable/disable in search” button. Some plugins (for example Aviary) are only for very specific purposes but Aviary’s Curve component is right there with high priority position on the list every time I type “curve”. I don’t even use Aviary but I downloaded and installed it for experiments in the future.

  1. Very minor detail but I feel lack of it. Enable mouse scrolling through Grasshopper plugin tabs as it is between tabs in Rhino.