Wish: Cancel rotate and pan and revert to the last camera view

It would be more convenient if there is ability to cancel the rotate and pan with the LMB and RMB, respectively.

  1. While holding the RMB and dragging the mouse to rotate the camera view, press the LMB to cancel the current camera manipulation and revert to the last view.

  2. While holding the MMB (middle mouse button, aka scroll wheel button) and dragging the mouse to pan the camera view, press the RMB to cancel the current camera manipulation and revert to the last view.

Does the command UndoView help? You could make a one key alias for it in Options if you needed to undo the last view change often. The Named Views panel might also be useful to you.

I’m aware of this command and sometimes use the Home and End keys to cycle through the previous and next camera views, however, my point in the OP was that the canceling of the camera manipulation with the mouse buttons is much more natural, convenient and quicker. Many users praise the ability to cancel the camera manipulation in other programs (3DS Max is a great example where it’s used a lot), because that allows for temporary change of the camera angle to check something (like shifting or rotating the camera at very steep angle to see how straight some shape is, or to see some object through a window or opening, etc) then going back to the original camera view with a single mouse button click.

There is also one bug when using a “3Dconnexion” 3d mouse, where the “Undo view” command will not revert to the previous camera view. Instead of doing that as expected, Rhino will go back to the last time the camera was manipulated by the mouse. If the camera was always manipulated with the 3d mouse in the current session, and never with the regular mouse, Rhino will show a message “No view to undo”, despite that the camera view may have been changed thousands of times with the 3d mouse.

The 3D connexion device plugin is written by @Markus and he may be able to explain more about how it works in this regard. I don’t think each view manipulation is considered a separate view change.

Yeah, the 3Dconnexion mouse uses 6-axis sensor to allow smooth manipulation in every possible direction, so probably Rhino will not consider registering a new change of the camera position unless the 3d mouse’s “cap” (is that the proper term?) is not moved for at least a second or so. However, for some unknown reason Rhino never considers any of the view manipulations made by the 3d mouse as changes in the Undo view stack.

The biggest problem with the latest releases of Rhino 6 is that after version 6.4 its 3d mouse plugin will no longer support older models of 3Dconnesion that were working extremely good until Rhino 6.3 that used the Rhino 5 plugin. In fact, older models of 3Dconnexion such like SpacePilot work much better with Rhino 6.3 than the modern models with Rhino 6.5 and later. The new 3Dconnexion models have absurdly big dead zone that causes problems to users who prefer to set a higher sensitivity (faster manipulation). It would be so good if there was an optional legacy support for the older models with the same Rhino 5 plugin that performed perfectly until Rhino 6.4 … Maybe in a future release?

I think the view change resulting from the 3DMouse ought to be undoable: looks like a bug to me.

Check that any system that isn’t working with a 3D Connexion mouse has the latest driver from 3DC…

I believe there is a also a new list of unsupported devices but I’m not locating the link on their site. If something isn’t working it might not be supported any longer with their latest system driver. Check with the 3DC support or on their forum. We distribute the 3DC plugin with Rhino but don’t write it ourselves.

@Markus I filed the UndoView bug here for you… https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-50438

My point was that earlier releases of Rhino 6 (until 6.4) supported the use of 3DxWare drivers that were working perfectly with the older models of 3Dconnexion devices. Is not possible for next Rhino 6 releases to support those legacy 3DxWare drivers along with the latest ones, just as a clever option to still make use of the 3d mice that are (intentionally) no longer supported by 3Dconnection itself? I have no problem with buying one of their newer devices (in fact, I did that already) if they want to push the planned obsolescence more aggressively, but the real problem is that the new models perform worse than the old ones such like SpacePilot.

Sorry for the confusion, my point was that we don’t control the 3DC plugin directly although it is distributed with Rhino. The update you mentioned around 6.4 required that the 3DC system driver be updated for the plugin in Rhino 6 to work. I believe at this time some configurations stopped working. Have you contacted 3DC support or posted to their forum yet? They may know if there’s a way to do what you want. I’m sure they’d like to know more about what you preferred in the older device performance as well. @Markus may be able to direct you to specific resources too as he’s with 3DC.

FYI, just tested a fix for this in what will be service release 6.13 of Rhino. UndoView undos 3DC device manipulation now. Thanks for reporting this.

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