Wish: Camera mapping

Is there a script for mapping from camera? It would be nice to add this in V6.

Hi violine,

There’s a texture mapping option called ‘screen’ in Rhino 5 but it appears to not work with the default Rhino Renderer at the moment. It is working with Neon though even if Rhino Render is the active render engine and it works with Brazil for Rhino as well as Neon/with Brazil for Rhino. You’ll see this option in the texture mapping options within a material.

Thank you Brian for your prompt response, I see it works with Neon, is it possible to map with one camera and render an animation with other cam with slightly different angle?
Something like this:

This mapping (which functions basically like slides projector) could significantly reduce the time required for creating nice animated presentations.

Hi violine,

I may be misunderstanding how this tool works but it looks to me like planar texture mapping in the video. A planar map would represent the texture projection from one view and be separate from the camera. If you can describe the exact steps to set this up and explain it more, I can suggest something else or file a feature request.

Hi Brian,
rather than simple planar map it appears to be a perspective projection onto the geometry
using a camera to project. I have found a detailed description here:

This is possible using Brazil’s projector lights. It isn’t currently possible in Rhino using the texture mapping tools.

Thank you Andy,
I hope hope for such functionality along with better match perspective tool that’s very handy.
For example Sketchup has both functionality within photo match toolbar.
This is needed for Rhino users as well.

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Dear all. This thread is over three years old - is anyone still interested? I didn’t see any more recent conversations covering this topic - please ignore if I missed something.
If anyone is still wondering how to camera-map, maybe this could be of some use. I did a quick test today and may have found a workaround that seems to work - even though it still isn’t perfect…

I made a spherical object, origin at camera origin, trimmed it to fill the viewport exactly (using planes, aligned manually to camera object in top and side viewports). Shrink trimmed surface. I then used this trimmed spherical object as a custom mapping object to project the texture onto the (landscape-)object in the foreground.

This, then, leaves you with fairly close alternative to camera mapping…

This screenshot shows the custom mapping object in the back.


And two years later - I’m very curious about this setup. Is it a script?

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Here a tool wich allow to apply a camera mapping to mesh objects.
The command is _TextureMapScreenSpace

TextureProjectionTools.rhp (28 KB)


Works like a charm! thanks @Micha

wonderful, thank you !

Is the 3D model created from the 2D image/picture automatically like magic!?

Hi, Micha! Tring this plugin, and no results. I don’t understand how it works.

Here an example. I create a soft studio ground and place the good old Rhino Dino on it. The ground is converted to a mesh, not to raw, since it’s better for the texture projection. I assign a photo texture to the mesh ground and it looks not like needed:

Now I enabled viewport Cam1, select the mesh and started the script - the texture is projected like projected by the camera. Ready for rendering. Here the result:

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Thanks. Can i get this file?

No problem. :slight_smile:

Cameraprojection.3dm (4.0 MB)