Wish: C&P camera widgets between files

just an idea for quickly exchanging views between files.
when one has very big files saving the whole document in order to import a view into an other scene is a bit slow.

Would be cool if these could be pasted!


Hi Daniel- seems reasonable to me- added to the heap — I have no idea what is possible or practical here from a programming point of view.


(these are not visible to the public yet)


thank you!

I should add that you can already import named views (from other 3DM files)…

Hi Dale

Daniel noted that the functionality would speed up that process as it would not be necessary to save large files.


yep, that is what i meant. when saving +300mb documents it can take some minutes, depending on the complexity of the file, network traffic etc.

an alternative would be to save out a .3dm from the named view panel that only contains the saved views. that is also very handy for collaboration. sending the cameras to a remote co-worker, without the need to delete,purge etc all the document content before e-mailing it.just a bit quicker than reimporting into a new document, especially if the latest cameras have not been saved yet

c&p the widget would mean one can export these as well i guess, so either way would be a nice feature imho.