WISH/BUG: Replace missing linked block file

Hi @pascal,

When we work on lage projects we link in files from architects etc and sometimes we need to replace them with new files with new names. If I delete the old linked file and open our Rhino model I get this dialog:


Which is great, but I miss the REPLACE option (it could be seamlessly baked into the “browse for file” process)

So if I hit YES and find the new file then this is correctly linked into the Rhino model, BUT it doesn’t update the file name in the layer structure.

We always use these settings so the layer structure is nicely organized:

So here you can see that the linked file name isn’t properly updated:
(It keeps the old filename as the initial text)

This is consistent even after saving and reopening the file.

I would love for this to be handled as a freshly linked file IF we replace the old missing file with a new file.

Hi Jorgen - what I do (if I understand what you’re getting at) is change the target file in the block properties in BlockManagerwould that work for you?


Yes, thanks I know. Point is I wish for a replace funktion that auto updates the settings :slight_smile:

OK, but, I meant, if the goal is to replace block contents, instead of deleting and then going through this process on opening - could you not just replace from the BlockManager in the first place and set all the properties as you like? I think I am being dense…


Yes I could, obviously, but point here is being able to help user to do this seamlessly to keep file well organized. I use reference as layer setting.

When a reference file is missing I would like to either locate it, replace it or delete the reference :slight_smile:
If I use open and choose a different file (architects sometimes renames their files during the project) I would like for the reference layer structure to show the new filename.

So… if I make a file with linked block BoxB.3dm layers as reference, I get a block named BoxB. I save the file, close it, rename BoxB.3dm to BoxC.3dm and then re–open the file, locate the renamed file, & I see this:


When inserted the block is named according to the file - that is the default block name but the name is indendent of the contents. You would like the block name to always follow the file name, is that what you are suggesting, or am I still off the mark?


Yes! Spot on :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:
Thanks for trying it out.
This isn’t very obvious on short file names, but some files have project name, part name and date in them, so the layer dialog’s showing only part of the ‘block name’ and truncating the actual filename.

“ You would like the block name to always follow the file name”
That is IF the block name is the filename and Not a custom one. Actually I would prefer it to only show the filename though.

Hi Jorgen - I can imagine there is going to be some push-back on this idea - you should be able to name a block whatever you want, and have contents change as needed. ‘Office desk chair’ or something like that. So this suggests yet another setting to tie the block name to the file name.


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I understand, that’s why I suggest a replace option, but I only see what my needs are, so if it breaks well known uses then don’t change it. Thanks for understanding my point of view though.
From my point of view when something is lost I either want to find it, replace it or forget about it. Thus locate, replace and delete block reference makes sence.

So question is IF replace AND blockname = old filename then reset to new filename.

except this would be “= old blockname”; remember it can be anything the user may have set - that is what makes this tricky, I think, to ‘just do it’- there is not necessarily an expectation that the two should correspond. But, I can put it on the pile.


Can you also add the “bug” that IF I rename the block name as you suggested that the layer structure updates too? Now I have to save, close, reopen for the layerstructure to reflect the renamed block.

Yeah, that is clearly a bug… thanks.
RH-65988 Layer: update display on block name change


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