Wish: (/bug) Print warning/question


Hi @andy, I am loving Neon!

But I have one issue with it, if I fullscreen my perspective and let it render and decides I want to PRINT that view to the printer, then Neon INSISTS on recalculating that view.

I don’t like that. Because if I choose a different printer then Neon suddenly decides to recalculate AGAIN.

I like the option to have a high quality print, but I even more like the speed and ability to print the allready calculated view as it is.

And Neon recalculates with out a CANCEL option, nor with a status indicator.

So please make Neon ask if we want it to recalculate, or if we want to print the view as is.

Neon is a productivity tool, so keeping focus on “speed for the user” is key. (IMO)

(Andrew le Bihan) #2

I understand, but it’s completely out of my control. I have no control over what happens when you print. I simply have to render the required views.

So I suggest this - don’t print. Just ViewCaptureToFile and use an image editor to print the Neon view. That will be instant.

  • Andy


Then please pass it on to the guys who are in charge.

Viewcapture is fine of course.
I made a viewcapturetofile-to-disk-to-pictureframe script that also works well for printing, but that is OT.

(Steve Baer) #4

I can see how communication between Neon and the printing code can be pretty complicated. @andy here’s the only suggestion that I can think of to try in the V5 timeframe.

There is an IsPrinting() function on the display pipeline that you can use to help make a decision on what to do. My current thought would be to have Neon save a screenshot of the current neon image and frustum information as soon as Neon sees that IsPrinting returns true. Then it could just stretch blit the bitmap for the DrawFrameBuffer call when IsPrinting returns true and the viewport frustum matches aspect ratio and camera orientation.