Wish/Bug: Check Mark Consistency

Hi McNeelies,

I’ve noticed that different windows/panels use different check boxes (black check mark on white background, black dot on white background, white check mark on blue background, and white dot on blue background). It would nice with some visual consistency, preferably the black on white ones:




Well, I think the difference between the “checkboxes” and the “radio buttons” (dots) is that the radio buttons are used when there is a mutually exclusive “either-or” type of situation, and checkboxes are used when there are multiple options that can be chosen independently. I think that’s not a bad way to distinguish between the two different scenarios.

That still leaves the difference between the black and white and blue and white versions, not sure what the philosophy is behind that.


The shift to blue is part of an attempt to follow Microsoft’s style over substance Windows restyling. Just not universally applied yet. And strictly, it’s blue when on and black when off. as seen above.

It’s just the appearance, not the function.
My guess is that the non-blue controls don’t have VisualStyles applied, or they’re not the same controls.

Whatever the reason for the different appearance is, it should be fixed.
Or at least unified.

At least McNeel haven’t implemented Windows’ slider switches yet. (Damn, that let the cat out of the bag!)

I think the shift is actually the other way… I looked at V5 and the checkboxes are pretty much ALL blue when active and white/gray when not. V6 as well. It’s only in V7 that some of the dialogs started having black and white checkboxes.

V6 Libraries

V7 Libraries

I suspect we’re looking at the transition from Windows forms to ETO and something hasn’t been standardized yet.

The mix became visible with Windows 11, in Windows 10 the controls look the same.


Aha, I hadn’t checked that.

I’d prefer to see this “microsoft white on blue” style applied universally.

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Hehe, if they’re taking votes one can find me firmly on team black/white:


more important is to have an overall consisent style as you pointed out in the opening. very good you noticed this.


Indeed, maybe they can add an option to switch to preference while fixing this.


some are still Windows MFC panels, and these are styled how Windows wants. These are the ones that turn rounded and blue

Found a third style: