Wish/Bug: _Bridge should split at reflection plane


when I bridge reflected areas, it would be good when faces are splitted automatically at the reflection plane.

bridge_reflected_should_split.3dm (76.5 KB)

At the moment I have to split manually or set bridge segments to 2.



I always always always model with a center line so splitting makes sense to me-

Yes, the reflection plane is your center line.

Hi Kyle,

In many cases I purposely avoid the center line, and rather have a clear center polygon quads strips. It saves me time and complications in two ways:

  1. When I’m moving points around on one side of the symmetry plane I can pick single points, instead of herding pairs pf points to keep tangency across symmetry plane.

  2. When I have to add centered details (like a button/knob, drain hole) I can do it with booleans/projections to a single converted Nurbs surface, not across seams of multiple surfaces.



Hi Gustavo,

right, there are good reasons to draw just one face.

The different shading colors make the reflected object look naturally splitted, what it isn’t. This is wired.

I’ve rethought this wish. Perhaps we should leave it like it is, and split manually.



I just wanted to add this thought before McNeel starts going in a wrong direction. I have a lot of thoughts on symmetry, after working with SubDs for almost 2 decades now, but I’ll stay quiet for now.

This hacky reflect tool is ok for now until we all have time to make a good solution. There are so many more important foundational things to fix in SubD right now IMO.