Wish: branch with one item

Looking like this:

Because right now when a tree has only one item it is automatically flatten, and sometimes this is not desired.


Flatten is an operation, not a state. Are you just talking about the text visible on the tooltip?

{0} (N =1) is impossible in GH1 - that is a single item in a single branch

I refute your argument thusly:

In fact {0} N=1 is the default way a tree is composed if it only contains a single item.

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GH always works with trees, when there is a list it is a tree with one branch and when there is an item it is a branch with one item. So when you use a panel, at least one branch path (usually {0}) is always displayed. However, to facilitate communication we talk about items, lists and trees, because it is highly relevant to understand how the components work based on the type of access (item, list, tree) of the inputs.

However, I agree that if the tree only contains one branch, the description of the parameters should show the data, rather than the topology of the tree. But this is what it usually does, is it possible that this is a bug?

Ok, I might be confused here. You are completely right, sorry.