Wish - Blueprint command

Clayoo, a subD plugin for Rhino, has a command called “blueprint”. You enter the file locations for the top, front, and side view, click “OK” and the 3D box is completely set up and ready for modeling. This is a great tool that simplifies setting up a modeling cube from scratch in Rhino.

Load the views:

3D box is automatically created:
3d view

Nice stuff! This would be really nice in native Rhino I second your wish. How did the program know to rotate the back view this might be more sophisticated to program than at first glance I see it also scaled it.

It needs a little work to be really functional. I use a tool called “Click 2 Crop” that lets me specify the aspect ratio of the area being cropped. This way the three views are close to accurate. The above view shows the Rhino gumball and the Clayoo gumball so it looks like a scaling option is available, but it is not. Alos, there is also no transparency on the object so when you are looking down at the top view you can’t see the blueprint view underneath. I’m sure the McNeel team could improve on it substantially. It’s really a huge help in modeling.

Yea I do these blue print boxes with drawings and prints from time to time for organic modeling mostly and this would be a great tool for that. It’s pretty standard in organic modeling. I’m sure McNeel would it do it better than the rest this seems like it’s even a doable thing for an average coder on this list.