Wish: better control of custom linetypes

I haven’t found a way to adjust a linetype setting so two types with the same overall pattern length would stay synchronized, like this:

I played some more with the settings. It’s possible to “pad” a line with something like;

Linetype A: 0.0010,0.2200,0.0280
Linetype B: 0.1600,0.0900

But I still can’t get them to start together, even if it’s the same line copied. Is there something in the curve structure prevent it to be displayed with a very short segment?

I went through some of this when trying to script an equivalent of “ExplodeLinetype” that was a labs tools plug-in for V4, but was nixed for V5. IIRC, the segment at the start or end is not allowed to be shorter than the pattern definition, so when the pattern does not exactly fit a particular curve, the end segments are lengthened until it fits, but never shortened.

The other thing I found was that free-form splines behave slightly differently than lines and arcs… The behavior was relatively difficult to reproduce, I came “close enough” but never hit it exactly for all cases.


Thanks Mitch.