WISH: Automatically Plug Wire into Merge Componet with Nametag/Click

Hi everyone,

I am currently working with a gh definition and I need to document the steps that develop the whole model. To to this I plug every step (sometimes 50 or more) into a Merge component and move each grouped geometry by a series and bake. This way I have every step from left to right.

The most tedious part is to connect every wire to the merge component…

I was wondering if it would be possible to for example, click the component to connect, and have it automatically connect to the tagged merge component.

Or maybe if I group a geometry container “01” then have it automatically plug into 01 of the merge component.

Hope it makes sense

I am confident that something like this could be possible with C# scripting, hopefully not too complex…

This is what I mean:

I have a def from which I need to document some key steps. To do this I manually plug each geometry tree into an entwine, and then I arrange the steps horizontally along the x axis by moving them.

What I am looking to optimize is the picking of and grouping of these steps. In simple terms, as if I could right click a component and one of the options would be “connect to assigned entwine”.

yeah could work with every output that you select, so be carefull to isolate the correct ones.
But first allign from top to botton

Then rigth click on Entwire or Merge and similar to MatchOutputs of Bang but in this case "Match Inputs and connect"

just and idea …

This is actually not a difficult thing to do. Maybe it takes some time to wrap it in a useful fashion.
The problem is just if you know how to code it, you won‘t create such definitions in first place :point_up::wink:

components canvas positions are located in its attribute object. Of course, you can sort them easily.
You can check input parameters for existing references as well and adding new by demand. This way you can remotely add wires. Since the entwire component has a variable input, you will need to add new input params as well. And not to forget you‘ll need to know how to search for components.
You’ll find all pieces somewhere in the forum as code examples. Its just a matter of reanginging them to a new whole.

Hope this abstract reply helps…