WISH : automatic tiling of Rhino and GH windows

I’m loving the 3340x1440 resolution on my screen, and I even intend to get a 5120x1440 like this one.
It would be really practical to have a component that tiles Rhino and GH with an input to control the horizontal proportion.


In case you’re using an Nvidia graphic card this might be possible with Nvidia Desktop Manager

Indeed the Nvidia desktop manager will do that for you. You can create many profiles or grid layouts and have any window, including Rhino and Grasshopper snap be layed out as you wish them.

You can also search for tiling window managers for Windows. One that I used to use is WindowsGrid.

I do have an Nvidia card; an RTX 2070 mind you, but this tool seems locked to Quadro cards :frowning:
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Now, they call it “NVIDIA RTX desktop manager”. wow…

I guess there are other software like this, in particular from monitor vendors, but will they be able to distinguish Rhino from Grasshopper since the later is a child of the former ?

There are plenty other tiling window managers out there to use.

Here quick demo of the nvidia rtx desktop manager

And one with WindowGrid

So I gather you have a Quadro, my spoiled fellow…
Terrible performance for the price…BUT you can install the Nvidia RTX manager !

This is merely what I do with Windows 10 and the screen edge tricks, but with more granulosity…
Can it save a tiling and reset it with a shortcut ? In this case, its really useful.

It is no longer called Quadro. My card is an RTX A6000.

I don’t think so. But I’d browse the internet for other tiling window managers for Windows. No doubt there will be solutions already available.

6000, yeah, that’s about the price…
Thank the lord for the gamers, or that’s what we really would have to pay for decent performance.

May I insist that it would be quite convenient to have this as a GH component ?

You certainly may insist, but IMHO this is something that should be done outside of Rhino. It could be done, but with multiple monitors in play, and having wacky monitor layouts it becomes quickly quite finnicky. And in that sense it sounds smarter to ‘outsource’ this to actual tiling window managers that are already out there

Yes, at the condition that the said tiling manager is able to tell GH from Rhino.
If not, it falls in your yard.

The two tiling managers I just showed both were capable of doing so.

No, they were not : you just manually dragged the windows on a grid.
For this to be automatic, (and thus useful) I suspect that the windows need to be of two different programs.

Anyways, it’s a bummer to install yet another widget for this.
I think that Rhino and GH should be integrated in a more holistic way, enabling this kind of stuff in an elegant way.

With FancyZones from PowerToys you could set it so that newly created windows go to their last know zone. Meaning starting Rhino, then Grasshopper will put them right away in those zones


I just tried “Mosaico”. It turns my whole desktop space into a christmas tree ; I just hate it.
So much for interface integration between GH and Rhino.

Thanks anyways.

Nvidia Desktop Manager doesn’t even see the Grasshopper window. It is currently open in my left screen

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Well… this is not bad after all ; PowerToys is quite simple and easy to use :

Thanks Nathan.

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I added a test command to 7.6 called


This will change the window style for grasshopper so it behaves like a separate app in some ways. I personally like this behavior and am considering making it a preference setting in GH.

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If anybody’s interested, Moom is a superb tiling manager for macOS!

This sounds like a great idea.
Since there is a clear “focus” of the pointer either in Rhino or in GH, I suppose it would allow things like
the use of a 3D mouse in Grasshopper, right ?

There have been honorable attempts to hack one’s way towards this goal, but it ends-up being more of a nuisance.

I’m not sure; my change adjusts how the operating system displays the grasshopper window. I don’t think it would affect input, but I don’t have a 3d mouse to test with. Have you tried the test command?