Wish - Auto Updating Cplane in Perspective view

I primarily work in perspective view, and one thing I’ve seen in other modeling packages (such as modo) that is a HUGE help when working in perspective is a Cplane that auto updates to the approx view at any given time. So, as you say get close to a top view, the cplane automatically toggles to the top view. It’s a pretty simple thing, but man does it really speed things up when working in perspective view. Pretty please?


Hi Sky- I’ll add this to the pile… for now, not automatic, but possibly useful, you can try this script


If you install the script (directions here- http://wiki.mcneel.com/people/pascalgolay) and add WorldCPlanetoView to an alias or button, it should at least be a one-click change as you need it…


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Thanks Pascal! I’ll give that a shot. Thanks for adding that to the pile. It’s a fairly common feature of other packages at this point, and I can definitely see why!

Zbrush has a great implementation for this.

Just hold a key while orbiting in perspective to lock to close ortho views. No key no lock. Could be cool for Rhino.

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