Wish: Ask to replace/rebuild if .rui does not exist

A minor request, but important for a novice user and since Rhino has a long history of disappearing UI’s I think it would be nice to update how Rhino handles lost UI’s:

I had to change my username and default path to get some STEAM VR apps to work and that messed up the rui path for Rhino too, so when I loged in I got this error:

Which makes sense since that path no longer exists. But I think Rhino should handle that in another manner than just throwing an error and leaving the UI blank. To me it makes sense if it asks to rebuild the UI, to browse for the file or leave it unloaded as it does today.

@holo thanks for reporting this.

So if I understand what you’re describing, you had your user account set up with one name (I’ll pick holo because it’s your Discourse name).

So all your roaming profile information was in C:\users\holo\AppData\Roaming\...

Then you changed your username to Jørgen, which moved all your roaming profile information to


Can you send me a screen shot of what folders currently exist in

The reason this is happening is because when Rhino starts, it looks to see if it as run the white “Please wait while templates, help, etc is installed” window. It doesn’t do that every time Rhino starts because it can take a while. But clearly in your scenario, the way that it is remembering (a registry key with the version of Rhino that last ran the “installing templates” window was run) is insufficient.

Hi Brian,

Long story short:
Windows did the folder renaming for me, so the content of the folder was the same as before, it just had a new name.

Short story long:
When I installed Windows 10 i thought it was a good idea to try out their recommended userlogin that uses a microsoft account, and this I sat up with my full name with the “ø” and then windows (stupidly with out asking) chose “Jørgen” as name for the user folder. So when I had Steam up and running with the HTC Vive it wouldn’t start the VR apps as they didn’t understant “ø” as a valid caracter. (( Oh wait… it’s just the same limitations in pythonscript in Rhino… :wink: ))

None the less, I had to change this and it is done through updating the microsoft account online and then I had to manually change the registry data that tells windows what my user folder is named. (It is not possible to just rename that user folder) Then the computer needs to reboot and windows automatically renames the folder on next login.

I presume Rhino keeps it’s own track of the folder path and that it doesn’t check if this is the same user as the logged in user if the UI is missing (why should it, I mean how many users changes their folder name???)

But Rhino does notice that the UI is missing, so it would be nice for new users to have an option to rebuild it automatically, instead of them having to google the topic to find out how one rebuilds the toolbars. And it would also be nice if the rebuild process closed and restarted Rhino automatically after it was rebuilt of course.


Somewhat OT, but place this at the top of your python scripts if you want to use non-ascii (i.e. unicode) characters:

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-


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Thanks, I’ll try that out for Holomark3!