WISH - Area command

A simple wish:

Could the ‘area’ command have the ability to chose what units to display in?
Same as with the ‘distance’ command.

This should be an easy one…


They already do… Just start the command without having the object(s) pre-selected. Then on the command line, choose your units. Then select your object(s) and Enter.

The chosen units will remain “sticky” for the remainder of the session.

It is also possible to hard-code a particular unit with a macro or script for use in a button if you need.

HTH, --Mitch

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Thanks Mitch.

Did not realise this.
Would be great if it worked for objects already selected, but it’s a detail once you know I guess.


You only need to set it once (per session) without objects selected, the setting should stay and work with preselected objects afterwards (until you close the Rhino session).


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I can live with that.