(WISH) Arc3d

current behaviour of arc:
Center of arc - pick point
start of arc - pick point, that is projected to current c-plane / planar to center (but independent of Modelling-Aid planar / project)
end of arc - pick point (constraint to plane and radius)

the possibility to draw a 3d-arc defined by 3 Points center - start - end independent from current c-plane.

what is a bit inconsistent: the current _arc allows startpoint - through Point - endpoint and will draw an arc independent of c plane.

(1) either the default behaviour is changed, as it can be achieved with project and planar. (but some people will hate it !)
(2) there could be an option - “c-plane-parallel” or “c-plane-constraint” or “project-planar”, that is turned on by default. As 3 points define a plane, I think it should be an option that is turned on by default and advanced users can turn it of.
(3) a new arc3d command - maybe together with some concept of constraint and maybe with less linear selection/input (allowing to collect information independent of sorting order).

kind regards -tom

Hi Tom - check the ‘Tilted’ option that shows after the center is placed - is that what you want?


oh. great. thanks. never used.

yes - tilted - allows the result I am after.
… but I do not understand the importance of the rectangle input - as 3 points define a plane…
… ending up in clicking the same point twice.
so even if I am not a big fan of those huge cascades of options…

my wish would be fulfilled with a “endpoint” option after the tilted option…
but my guess is - nobody will find it, as maybe other combinations of all those arc-options.

pick center
choose tilted
pick startpoint
… Arc Orientation (my wish: ) with option EndPoint
choose Endpoint
pick Endpoint