Wish: [Apply] button in Color Picker dialog


We discussed before a need for an interactive color preview while adjusting it with color picker dialog, it’s been on The Pile for a while and I understand this is not easy to implement. However with the slow opening dialog Color picker is slow to load - #9 by Jarek
and now that we have trasparency setting that adds to the possibilites and need for fine-tuning color selections, we have to open the dialog for every single tweak, wait 2 seconds for it to load, make a small tweak, close, evaluate, open, wait, tweak… Well, you get the idea.
I was wondering if a good in-between solution would be having an [Apply] button next to OK and Cancel, this way the dialog could stay open but changes be made.

I am working around this right now with a script that brings up color picker and reopens it after redraw until I hit Cancel but this is not ideal solution.



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