Wish: animation stretching by factor


for example I have an animation which needs 100 ticks. Anything is fine, but the client needs an additional movement between two neighbor ticks. Could it be possible to stretch an animation by a round factor like 2, 3, 4…? In this example I would like to get the animation over 200 ticks and I could use the new created empty tick between my two previous neighbor ticks.


I could’ve sworn I saw a feature request for this before but I couldn’t dig up an existing issue.

Anyway, here’s an issue to follow. I’ll try to find some time for it.

Thanks for all the feedback

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The BongoScaleKeyframes command.

Great, than you @Luc.

I looked through the Bongo menus but don’t find it. Do know why not all commands can be found at the Bongo menu?

Does the BongoScaleKeyframes do what you need? Or are you looking to scale the entire animation including limits and looping markers?

I guess that would be a bit too much.
You can get a list of the commands by typing “Bongo” in the commandline.

I have seen now that _BongoScaleKeyframes scales selected keyframes only. For complex animation with dozen of keyframes of a lot of objects a _BongoScaleAnimation would still very useful. An interesting question could be - how are handled animations in blocks? Could this animations scaled too? Maybe per extra option.

@Luc The command list is quite long and it’s easy to overlook something. Could be nice if the menu Bongo -> Utilities -> … could be more used. :wink:

I guess I was right with my first interpretation. I’ll reopen that issue.

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No no gentlemen. This is faulty information.
The command does not scale only selected keyframes. It offers a variety of possibilities.
Choose option ( Object View Light Layer Document Content All ):

The option ‘Objects’ allows to select as much object as you like, even all of them (Ctrl-A).
The last option of the command (All) does scale the entire animation, each and every keyframe, limits and looping marker inclusive.
It might be deliberated to copy this procedure into a specific BonoScaleAnimation command, hence making it more ‘findable’?

@Micha. Currently Blocks indeed are excluded by the command. Concerning the menus: @Marika is in charge of menus, toolbars and icons. Me personally I hardly ever use the menus.


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Thank you very much for focusing me on the command. It sounds good and no additional command is needed. :slight_smile:
For blocks I can go in block edit mode and scale the selected keyframes there.

@marika_almgren It could be nice if the most or all tools could be added to the Bongo menus. For example I don’t use Bongo often, only every few months and I looked at the menus for helpful tools like I do it if I use the Rhino modelling tools.

@Micha https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/BO-3264 Thanks for pointing this out. I made a YT item for it, so we take it into account when designing the UI for Bongo 3.

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