Wish: Allow pre-selected surface(s) to be untrimmed without needing to be selected again (or add time of creation/modification info to the objects)

Currently, when I copy a trimmed surface and paste its copy, the latter gets selected by default. That’s fine, but if I want to untrim the newest copy and run “Untim”, it will not get untrimmed. Instead, Rhino will de-select the selected trimmed copy of the surface and will ask me to select a trimmed surface. Upon selection it will not tell me which of the surfaces is the original and which is the copy. This is also critical in moments where one of the surfaces is extremely close in shape to the other, but they still are not 100% exact copies and Rhino does not find them to be same while running the “! _SelDup” command. Selecting the “proper” surface in this situation is nearly impossible, unless they have different name, colour or are put into different layers.
Since Rhino stores identification information for each surface (the “ID” number shown with the “What” command), is not it possible to also show date of creation or latest modification of each surface, too? Example:
2021_12_2 - 18_43_51 (year_month_day - hours_minutes_seconds)