WISH: Allign Layout Camera with Clipping Plane

Hi Is there a way to do that currently?

Neither when I creating a new layout nor in a layout’s properties do I see option to change the orientation of this view.

I think there should be a bit more information on this properties page not just the scale:

Is there a way at least to see this camera as an object in Perspective so I can rotate/move it properly?

Additional question:
I see in properties parameter Rotation which seems to rotate just about Z axis. Is there a way to access (even programatically) the rotation angle about X and Y axes?

If not Could that be added?


for now you can group a surface with a clipping plane set the surface with SetObjectDisplayMode to wire that its out of the way and use OrientCameraToSrf.

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is this possible through python?

hi Ivelin, i am not much of a programmer, everytime i want to start something else pops up. procrastination maybe.

anyway i would support the idea of having clipping planes be automatically visible/aligned to plan (with or without layout) which would be ideal for sections of course.

i believe visualARQ has a tool implemented which makes dynamic sections no idea if rotated views or perspectives are used, but that would avoid the need of messing with cameras.

if you script something up with python or rhino common, dont be shy to post it.

I am trying to do something but I’m still half way through. I may share the result or release it as a plugin, will see.

:slight_smile: I have similar problem but the thing that pops up is usually another idea. I have 40-50 projects waiting to be finished. I only managed to release a few components for grasshopper so far. I’ve plenty more waiting either for me to figure out the complete solution or McNeel to develop some of my suggestions so I can finish them.
But also the lack of free time and all the distractions.

(:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: also my resistance to allow c# in my head, but that resistance is becoming weaker and weaker)