Wish. Add please CreaseDivision & TangencyHandles to Crease control

At the moment, the edges containing the Creases are very difficult and sometimes it is impossible smoothly dock with regular edge.
At the docking point, a edges almost always deformed.

Really need additional sliders “TangencyHandles” and “Half-Crease” as in T-splines
Add please


Hi It was a good request You can even add edges and weights for hard edge split surfaces in crease settings
add please :point_down:

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another formulation of I believe being the same request


I analyzed and compared edges TS ws R7
And I saw that in TS, the Crease on both sides has an additional Half-Crease and due to this a smooth transition is obtained.
In R7 there is no smooth transition and smooth control, since there is no Half-Crease


TS crease

R7 crease


One and the same model. The Crease is in the same place. Compare how easy it is to achieve smoothness in the TS thanks to the Half-Crease and TangencyHandles
Such smoothness of the Crease, unfortunately, now cannot be achieved with R7 Sub-D




Looking closely now I saw there are third division.
The third division helps to get a completely smooth transition.
Also improves crease control.
It is really necessary! This is the key.
Please add at least that.
TangencyHandles are useful, but may be not important as CreasesDivision


Getting the end of a crease right is a problem for me too,
see my old post

Thanks for the feedback and requests… I filed https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-57562 for a smoother falloff from creases.


Thanks Brian!

I’ve learned that this will not change for the release of v7. There are underlying algorithms that require this currently but we’ll look into other options in the future. My best suggestion would be to add edge loops and edit proximity with SlideEdge versus a single edge crease.

As far as I remember, a partial crease has influence on 3 non creased edges

Thanks @BrianJ
Is there any other ideas?

And can you ask there. Will they be able to add “TangencyHandles” at least. Now, with exit 7?
Or add other sane method to most Crease control at a given time?

I’m just a little disappointed. In my models I constantly use Creases. Of course I can add faces, but it’s superfluous as it complicates the work process and increases the model complexity

I understand but unfortunately no there was not another possible solution. I did raise the idea of tangency handles like those you’d use on a Bezier spline in say Illustrator. This was also not possible without breaking crucial workflows such as conversion from SubD to NURBS. At this time it is just not mathematically possible according to the devs.

Yes,I am a bit dissapointed too about this. But but maybe a creative solution comes up.

Yes, this is an important feature. Tangency handles would be interesting indeed.

To build on what @BrianJ showed above, here’s a crease that fades out

and the control polygon used to make this (only the red edges are unwelded):


This looks like it could become a command that’s very similar to _Bevel, or even be made an option within _Bevel.


Daniel and Brian J, This is a very nice looking solution to creating a decent looking fading crease. Another thing that is nice about this approach is that the red edges are ordinary crease edges that can be created by the Crease command. When the model is bent so the blend and crease are curving, the fade region it continues to look good as well.