Wish: Add "New in previous versions" tabs

While this i snot vital for the future of Rhino, I think that it would be cool to be able to have docked tabs in Rhino such like “New in V2”, “New in V3”, “New in V4”, "New in V5 and “New in V6” in Rhino 7 and 8. That way, it’s a lot easier to track the most notable changes (icon-wise) through the different releases of Rhino across the years. :slight_smile:
Currently, Rhino 7 only has a “New in V7” tab. Likewise, Rhino 8 only has a “New in V8” tab.

This isn’t quite the tabbed interface you’re looking for, but the documentation pages have the new features for each version.

Rhino 8: Rhinoceros Help
Rhino 7: Rhinoceros Help
Rhino 6: Rhinoceros Help
Rhino 5: Rhinoceros Help

As for older versions I’d say you probably don’t want to reference those as there may be breaking changes with newer versions.

I’m aware of the Help topics for the older versions, however, my idea is to get native tabs for those new tools with their respective icons that could be shown and docked just like the regular tabs.