[WISH] add more info to the help of Make2D component

More precisely, Projection parameter (V) what does it require an integer or string? What are the options (0,1,2,3)?

Thanks in advance.

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I also find make2D documentation is lacking some extra info.

I’d love to see the code to try to make it better with python :wink: like adding layers and colors, user text, linetype, etc.

You could play around with https://developer.rhino3d.com/api/RhinoCommon/html/T_Rhino_Geometry_HiddenLineDrawing.htm

It should be possible to implement your own make2d component with this

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Neither. It requires a projection. Basically all the data normally provided by a viewport; camera location, target location, camera up-vector, viewport bounds, projection type, lens-length in case of perspective projections.

You can create projections using the dedicated components for them, but I think you can also just provide a string with a viewport name or named view and harvest all the data from them.


I saw the additional components with output ‘V’ so I did it this way, by only providing a string with the name of the viewport.

I was surprised that it requires the name of an existing viewport instead of just creating the plane or cplane.
In shipbuilding (at least in EU) looking directions for drawings are Forward (X+), Port (Y+) and Down (Z-). So the default viewports result in wrong directions. Perhaps if it could be done to take any name not only the ones that exist will be super.