Wish: Add command bar in Flowing viewport


I’d like to see this new feature in V6. Thanks! Me and the other users talked about this before. No news is good news? :smile:

This vid shows specifically how did they improve command bar.


(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Kev- for now the only trick available in Rhino that I know of is to turn on the floating command prompt in Options > Modeling aids >Cursor tooltips. This puts the contents of the current prompt at the cursor, in case that helps.



Pascal,Thanks! that helps.
What I’d like to see is at least there is a command bar showing in newflowingviewports. Think about there is a second or third monitor and each monitor has a flowing viewport. It’s hard for users to look at the main monitor typing commands and jump to other monitors to build models.


(Pascal Golay) #4

Hi Kev- one other thing is that can undock the command line and move it where you like.



Hi Pascal,
Yes and No. In that case I have to drag command bar every time to the viewport I’d like to work in. It’s just not convenient. If it is possible, can developers add an option that can duplicate command bar? Imagine there is one command bar has to move from one monitor to the other, it’s an extra step while modeling. It’s just not productive. To expedite the modeling speed, I think each flowing viewport should have it’s own command bar. What is the hard part of this?