Wish: Add Boundary to Extrude

I think Boundary would be a great upgrade and time-saver for Extrude.

And to take it further: A “project to C-plane” option would be great too.
This would also be a super option for Hatch, giving us the ability to generate hatches directly from 3D curves.


In theory, the “ToBoundary” option in ExtrudeCrv should do this. But I find it often fails (been this way since the beginning)… The ToBoundary option in ExtrudeSrf seems to work better in some cases.

Yes, it might at that…

This should already work this way with the “boundary” option in Hatch…


The “To Boundary” option extrudes TO a surface, no matter what kind of shape that surface has, I would like a FROM C-plane option. Very similar in many ways, but far from the same :wink:

I had NO idea… Nice… and it even works in V4.

OK, it wasn’t clear from your request… So you want to flatten/project 3D curves to the CPlane and then extrude those?


Yes, or to be spesific:
I would like for the built in tool to include that, either from C-plane, or from the curve-plane…

I can easily make a script that does this, I just think it would be nice to have it in the tool.