Wish: Add "Apply last used Match object properties" command

The ! _MatchProperties command is extremely useful and I would like to propose an additional functionality that possibly would be implemented in the future. What about adding a “Apply last used Match object properties” command, so that when an object (or objects) is being selected, running that command will apply the same properties to the selection like the last used properties set by the ! _MatchProperties command? This way, the user will not be forced to pick a parent object to read its properties.

Currently, if I want to apply commonly used properties (red object colour and red basic material for the cutting objects), I have to either:

  1. keep at least one object with such properties to read its information with the ! _MatchProperties command (forces me to change my camera view to find it in the scene to be able to pick it);
  2. or, set the object colour and red material manually (slow and repetitive; also, reminds me that the Color wheel is still a bit laggy every time I use it);
  3. or, set an active layer with the desired properties to apply them to any newly built geometry (not good, because only a small portion of the models I create are cutting objects).

This is where the ability to apply the last used properties with the ! _MatchProperties command would make the life a lot easier. :slight_smile:

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